Continuing Your Scuba Diving Education

Continue Your Diving Education

Now that you’ve learned the ropes in your Beginning Open Water course, it’s time to practice and polish the skills you’ve acquired! PADI’s counting education not only keeps you diving with the group, but with every dive you make, you become a safer, more aware diver. This is why counting your scuba education might be the most important education that you receive after becoming a certified diver. When PADI or Partial Extreme refers to ‘continuing education’ or ‘con-ed’, it simply means whichever courses follow the entry level course that allow you to build on the foundation of the beginning open water skill set, thus making you a better and more capable diver.

For you, it could mean simply be moving on to an Adventure Diver, taking the Advanced course, or fulfilling your taste with a couple specialty courses, the choice is yours! Becoming a Rescue Diver or Master Scuba Diver is within your grasp any time you wish! The Partial Extreme motto, Train Hard, Dive Easy!, aims to provide each and every one of their divers with thorough, quality education from start to finish, so once their training is complete, they can make every dive following an easy one. Your choices include:




PADI core and specialty courses are where you should start immediately following your Beginning Open Water course. Adventure or Advanced Diver is recommended next, but as you can see, there are many to chose from. Click the Advancement Chart for more information.











A number of distinctive specialty courses are available as you build on your education, many of which only offered by Tim Wetzel. This is where you can really begin to pair your favorite hobby with the underwater world. Click the Distinctive Specialty Chart for more information.







Dive Emergency specialty courses designed by the Diver’s Alert Network will allow to be ready for every situation you might encounter during your dive excursions. Click the DAN Education Chart for a list of available courses.








Do you work for the local authorities in your occupation and have the opportunity to be a member of a dive rescue team? Click the PSD Flow Chart to learn about PADI’s Public Safety Diver program.

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